Can you Hear the Jackhammers Ringing? Excavation Pit Signals Wegman Grocer Construction is on!

Rumor has it that construction may have been kickstarted for the first Wegmans construction inside the Capital One headquarters beltway. Who would have thought that an excavation pit would be so glorious? Said pit has appeared near the future mixed-use tower and grocery proposed sites.
We won’t be shopping at Wegmans anytime soon, of course. It’s important to take a long view at constructions, particularly at this level. I for one can’t help myself, I just love shopping at Wegmans and am so excited to be able to go local.
Any Correlation?
Recently, the county approved Capital One’s next phase, which includes the grocer and a 1,500-seat event center. Perhaps this approval is what spurred the new construction progress. Looks like we’re one step closer to having our multi-use tower community up and at ‘em.

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