(Exclusive) An Inside Look at the Best Whole Foods in the Country

Whole Foods Market Opens Flagship Location at The Boro in Tysons!


This past week, Tysons welcomed a groundbreaking, flagship Whole Foods store opening, making national headlines from The Boro and beyond. As one of Whole Foods most impressive locations, earning it the title as “the best whole foods in the country,” there was a lot of buzz surrounding this grocery feat.

Ushering in a new kind of grocery shopping experience, one in which shoppers can purchase a sipping card that enables them to enjoy some wine will they peruse the store offerings, Whole Foods is redefining the mundane reality of “running errands” in our world today.

At 70,000-square-feet and two-stories, with a first-floor food hall that includes vendors like Officina, Genji Izakaya, Curiosity Doughnuts, and Rappahannock Oyster Co., this Whole Foods is just more than a grocery store – it’s a breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks hangout spot for friends, families, and even individuals on dates. Up on the second floor, shoppers can enjoy a pub, the High Point, and a game room that offers self-serve food options, like a build your own taco station. Savor wines, 12 beers on taps, and even cocktails, courtesy of the Pratt Standard Cocktail Co.

Arcade at Wholefoods!

Naturally, as part of our investigative commitment, we had to check out the impressive Grand Opening celebration, which took place this weekend. There was free coffee from Manassas-based Café Kreyol, as well as breakfast supplied from Poppy’s Stuffed Bagels. Elation was in the air as people poured in to see this new, impressive grocery shopping location now available to consumers in our community.

Check out some of the photos we snapped while surveying the new scene:

1. Officina Café:
You can get any kind of breakfast treat, platter, or sandwich at this café if you are on your way to work in the morning. Don’t forget to try the coffee, which is authentically delicious. Look for the big red sign titled “Officina – By Nicholas Stefanelli.”

2. Rappahannock Oyster Co:
We don’t typically associate buying half a dozen, or a dozen oysters with grocery shopping. However, in this food hall, you can have your cake, and eat it, too. Except this time, it’s fresh, delicious, and citrus-filled oysters, which pair perfectly with the drinks and cocktails on the second-floor pub.

3. Fresh Produce:
And we mean FRESH. Check out rows upon rows of brightly colored, beautifully positioned, and nutritious produce, with squashes, kale, lettuces, and pre-cut options available to you.

4. Fresh Seafood:
Whole Foods doesn’t mess around with the quality of their seafood. Stacked out in ice-filled trays and containers, you can get right up and personal with your catch of the day. The filet chefs will  fish you select and cut it for you, right before your very eyes. It doesn’t get fresher than that.

5. Premade Dishes:
If you’re hosting a party or on your way to an event, you can get your hands on everything from chicken salad to grilled octopus. Their premade refrigerator selection is basically a replica of any 5-star restaurant.

6. Prime Butcher:
Whole Foods has a lot of meat. They have everything from vegan substitute meats, to freshly packaged sausage containing pork, beef, chicken, or turkey. Check out the premade skewers as well.

7. Homemade Pasta:
Anyone who has ever tasted homemade pasta knows how much better it is than the packaged stuff. Well, this Whole Foods has a handmade pasta station, with the selection still covered in the flour used to make it that day.

8. Local Cheeses:
Enjoy cheese made and cured by local dairy farmers, without all of the pesticides and chemicals available in the mainstream stuff today.


9. Self-Serve Wine & Beer:
Who said shopping for groceries had to be boring? At The Boro Whole Foods, you can grab a cup and pick from beer and wine on tap. Fill the cup with your favorite liquid libation and take your time strolling through the store, making the art of shopping for groceries something that is relaxing and soothing.

The Boro’s Whole Foods proudly offers products from 100 local suppliers, helping to mitigate the shipping costs and environmental degradation of importing products from around the world.

Whole Foods Tysons Corner will maintain opening hours at 8AM every single day. Right now, the grocery store employs 325 full and part-time employees, making it the ninth-largest grocery location for the chain in the Greater Washington region.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Wholefoods Tysons

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