Fairfax County Options to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrate the holiday! Now that Santa has come and gone, it’s time to get that tree out of your house. Here are some ways for Fairfax County residents to dispose of it without creating a hassle for the county.

  1. Set it on your curb for pickup. Curbside pickup for Christmas trees under 8 feet tall will take place between January 1–11. Your trees should be free of all ornaments and decorations and put out separate from your trash. After January 11, you’ll have to schedule a brush pickup for disposal.
  2. Recycle it. You can take your bare tree to either the I-66 Transfer Station or the I-95 Landfill Complex in Fairfax County for recycling. You’ll have to pay $5 per tree for recycling, and your tree needs to be cleared of all ornaments, lights, and decorations.
  3. Use it as firewood. Cut up your Christmas tree to use as firewood to keep your Virginia home warm all winter long without spending any extra money on firewood.

Putting your tree on the curb for pickup or taking it to a recycling center are by far the easiest ways to dispose of your Christmas tree. If you have a yard waste container, you can also cut your tree to fit into it and use it as yard waste.

Three tips for getting rid of your Christmas tree

  1. Put it out sooner rather than later. Cut trees can only go so long before the get dry and become a fire hazard. Put your Christmas tree on your curb or take it to the recycling center sooner rather than later to avoid a fire hazard
  2. Set it away from your house. Because dry Christmas trees are a potential fire hazard, we recommend setting it away from your house as much as possible if you’re putting it out by the curb for pickup.

Take off all decorations and stands. Your tree won’t get picked up or recycled if it still has decorations, including its stand, on it. Take the time to take off lights, garland, ornaments, and the stand to simplify the process for everyone.

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