Flagship Whole Foods Coming to the Boro Summer 2019

There are so many reasons to be excited for The Boro, including this one for foodies. Whole Foods Market is opening a flagship store at The Boro, with a projected opening date of summer 2019. Whole Foods was announced as an anchor store back in 2015 when the project was first announced. Now that the opening date is getting closer, here are some things to know about the largest Whole Foods in the DC area.

1. It’s massive

The flagship Whole Foods is going to take up an incredible 70,000 square feet of space in The Boro. The largest Whole Foods is 80,000 square feet and is located in Austin where it houses the company’s headquarters. The Boro location will be the largest Whole Foods in the Mid-Atlantic region, which currently has 44 other locations.

2. It’s innovative

While specifics are still murky, the Boro location promises to be at the forefront of Whole Foods innovation. The president of Whole Foods Market’s Mid-Atlantic Region Scott Allshouse has stated that the company is “dreaming up new innovations” to make the Boro location unique from all other Whole Foods locations. Plans for later phases are rumored to include a 15-screen movie theatre with reserved seats, a bistro, and a full bar.

3. It’s convenient

The Boro is strategically placed as a convenient location for anyone in Tysons. It is a mixed-use area with stores, restaurants, and housing all in one spot, and just a short walk from the Greensboro station. With the added convenience of online ordering for Amazon Prime members, getting groceries will be easier than ever for the residents of the Boro and anyone passing by.

Whole Foods Market and ShowPlace ICON are both set to open in 2019, marking the end of a long waiting period for Tysons residents and everyone who has been eagerly awaiting the opening of the Boro.

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