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In the News – Jones Branch Connector Construction has Broken Ground. What does this mean for Tysons Commuters and Residents?

As you are aware, towards the end of January, Fairfax County undertook one of the largest intra-connection links in Tysons Corner. Drumroll, please – the Jones Branch Connector.

While we’ve had our share of good and not-so-good things to say about this monumental project, it’s clear to us now that the Jones Branch Connector will prove to be one of the most important links for vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians.

The 495 overpass will connect North Tysons to East Tysons. This will yield a direct thoroughfare for residents and commuters along Jones Branch to the McLean metro station. And that twice-daily traffic jam that plagues us at the intersection of Tysons Boulevard and Westpark Drive? In case you’ve banished it from your memory, it’s the 3 turn lanes that are an absolute bear to drive. Gridlocked all the way. The Jones Branch Connector should alleviate much of that.


Will the Jones Branch Connector solve all of Tysons Corner’s many intersection backups? No. But it will relieve the thousands of drivers who currently access 495’s non-HOT lanes via the bridge to 123 or Dulles Toll Road.

While the Jones Branch Connector is in the early construction stages, the bridge will first be open as a one-lane in either direction by late 2018. This itself will ease much of our gridlock woes. And from there on out, it will only get better.

Source: InTysons

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