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New CAVA Location in Tysons Offering Free Food Giveaway

Tysons is getting a new CAVA location on Monday, October 22, this one at Pike 7 Plaza, at 8350 Leesburg Pike in Vienna, Virginia. They gave away free meals to registered CAVA enthusiasts yesterday, October 21, and today they’re a giving free meal away to the first 150 people who are in line at 10:45 am to celebrate the grand opening. So if you’re reading this over your morning coffee and aren’t in line yet, you’d better hurry.

How CAVA works for lunch or dinner

If you’ve never experienced the Mediterranean tastes of CAVA, here’s what to expect. First, you pick a base. This can be salad, greens and grains, or a grain bowl. Once you have that chosen, you choose your dips and spreads from options like tzatziki, feta, hummus, harissa, and an eggplant/red pepper dip. Add a protein, like grilled chicken, grilled meatballs, spicy lamb meatballs, falafel, braised beef, braised lamb,

green and purple olives

 or roasted seasonal vegetables. Top your meal with crumbled feta, pita crisps, mint, diced cucumber, kalamata olives, cabbage, and more.

This new location at Pike 7 Plaza will feature a specialized fall menu with seasonal delights like seasonal roasted vegetables, a seasonal topping menu with carrots and currents, seasonal Greek minestrone and a new sauce, red pepper chickpea.

If you miss the cutoff for the free meal giveaway, don’t despair. You’ll be more than happy with paying for the fresh Mediterranean taste of a CAVA lunch or dinner. Use the CAVA app or online ordering to avoid waiting altogether.

CAVA’s Pike 7 Plaza location hours are 10:45 am-10:00 pm. They have another location in Tysons at Tysons Corner. The Pike 7 location marks the restaurant chain’s 69th location in the U.S. and 23rd location in Virginia. If you’re craving their dips and spreads, you can find them for sale at over 200 Whole Foods locations nationwide, including right here in Tysons.

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