New Startup in Great Falls Introduces Kwik Keyboard for Kids


Want your children to succeed in school, college and eventual professional life?

Give them the advantage of growing up with the new de facto standard.

52 percent of alphabet keystrokes can be typed with the fingers in the “Home” position

97 percent of alphabet keystrokes can be typed using the center “Home” row and the row above

Easy to learn easy to use fingertip pattern

The QWERTY arrangement of letters was invented in 1873 for mechanical typewriters as the worst arrangement the inventor could devise to slow typists to reduce the frequency of jammed keys.

We offer a prize of $10,000 to the first person to win a national typing speed championship with Kwik Keyboard in competition against the QWERTY.

When you tell your grandchildren that you helped change the standard from the QWERTY to the Kwik  Keyboard, they will ask, “Why did people use the  QWERTY for  145 years?”


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