New Year’s Resolution for Tysons Corner. Will you be Affected by the Changes?

As you may or may not know, Tysons has a 2050 plan. Seeing how things are rolling so far in 2017, Tysons seems well on the way to achieving all the goals for 2050.

No doubt you’ve noticed the construction projects throughout our city. Would you believe there is even more lined up? Such as…

Big Bucks for Property

The last $100 million-dollar sale was when Meridian Group purchased the SAIC headquarters at Greensboro Station with a vision to create “The Boro.” Take notice another whopper of a sale is afoot, also involving the Meridian Group. Tysons Tech Center located off Old Gallows Road sold, Meridian Group as the selling party. They came out ahead, profiting 50% profit after a mere 5-years ownership. No clue as to who purchased the property, but we presume due to the rezoning permissions they plan to redevelop it further.

New Branch Connector in the Works

Ground breaking on the new bypass will occur early this year. Traffic driving southward from north central Tysons that ordinarily uses Dulles Toll Road will be able to bypass the intersection we love to hate at Westpark/Tysons Boulevard. The bypass will do a world of good in connecting central Tysons to the new amenities and offices in Tysons East.

BikeShare and Metro Improvements

We’re all familiar with the Silver Line which as served Tysons for years. However, the Safetrack work in 2016 severely affected both Orange and Silver line corridors. Despite that, the Silver Line continues to pick up more and more riders every month. Why the uptick in ridership? Because Tysons is receiving new residents since the Silver Line opened. And over the next couple of years, several thousand more residents are expected to call Tysons home.

More people of course means more transit riders. This is a boon for sustainable transportation, plus – a BikeShare program that is expected to grow. In turn, this not only minimizes traffic woes, but it attracts more people into our economy thanks to convenient modes of transportation.

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