Top Ten Things to do in Tysons Corner

12 Restaurants in Tysons Corner That You Must Try!

If you like trying out a variety of restaurants and menus, then you will appreciate what Tysons Corner has to offer. There are so many wonderful restaurants where you can have all kinds of foods. And for the great services and hospitality, these restaurants are affordable too. Let us have a look at the top 12 restaurants which have been my favorite for many years. And the reviews from others people are wonderful too.

  1. Founding Farmers– you will love the food here. It is an excellent place for breakfast or brunch, and the atmosphere is very warm. You can visit with friends and family, and also celebrate events such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries. One striking feature you will notice is that every Founding Farmers restaurant offers different menu, so it is great for variety.
  2. Taco Bamba– if you like bacon, beef, and chicken, this is your place. The tacos are delicious; you should try the arabes and flautas
  3. Earls Kitchen and Bar– for the best cocktails and food a visit to Earl’s Kitchen will never be disappointing.
  4. Coastal Flats– this is a wonderful restaurant that serves delicious seafood and sandwiches too. If you fancy having some of the best sandwiches while you are in Tysons Corner, this is your place.
  5. The Sandwich Shop– look out for the Sandwich Shop for some of the best sandwiches. The atmosphere is very nice, and it is great for family outings and dates too.
  6. Seasons 52– American food and wine, does that sound enticing? At Seasons 52 you will be treated to excellently prepared food and hospitality. One visit will make you want to come back again.
  7. Sapphire Tysons– this is a fairly new restaurant that offers American, Indian and Pakistani menu. I like restaurants that offer a variety; I really appreciate the options. You will have a great time dining at Sapphire Tysons.
  8. Roll Play Grill– There is a meal for everyone at the Role Play Grill, the food is excellent, and the staff i
  9.  Eddie Vs– this restaurant offers you the best American steak. It is also perfect for people who are gluten intolerant, and the desert is fantastic. It is the perfect restaurant for family dinners and birthday celebrations and great jazz music at Happy Hour!
  10. The Cheesecake factory– this restaurant offers menus that are gluten-free and vegetarian menus are also available. I love cheesecake, so I often visit to eat my favorite cakes and to see the latest cheesecakes they have invented. You can also make reservations online.
  11. Silver Diner– for the best vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, Silver Diner stands out from the rest options. It is a great restaurant for breakfast, brunch and the pancakes, waffles, eggs; milkshakes are really nice. Have a wonderful American breakfast at this restaurant every time you visit.
  12. Maggiano’s Little Italy– Whenever I need to eat something different and foreign I visit this restaurant. The food is wonderful, and there are vegetarian menus too. The lasagna and mushroom ravioli are delicious, but I am sure you will find more on the menu asides my recommendation. A pleasant experience every time you visit is guaranteed.

So many options in Tysons Corner but these are my favorite. They are also very easy to locate on the map. Now you can pick a choice and thank me later.

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