New gyms coming to Tysons in 2019

There’s a lot to get excited about in 2019 in Tysons. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, or if you just want to find a place that will motivate you to start going to the gym more often, take a look at these gyms that are coming to Tysons in 2019. Perfect for all fitness levels, these are sure to get you into shape in 2019. Make sure to tell your friends and co-workers that they don’t have to leave Tysons to get a great workout in before or after work!

Train like an Australian at F45 in Tysons and Ashburn

We’re not sure exactly what makes this workout Australian other than that it’s coming from an Australian chain of fitness centers that has over 1,300 franchises already open around the world. But we’re as excited to try it out as we are at the prospect of having people stay in Tysons after they work to workout.

A press release that came out in late 2018 expressed the excitement of WYLI Venture Partners, who owns the fitness brand F45, venturing into the new market in Tysons and Ashburn. The company’s co-founder Doug Crawford, who is also the co-owner of the Tysons F45, said in a prepared statement, “Having had the pleasure of serving the real estate market here in Northern Virginia for several years, I am excited to add this venture to the community which promotes health and well-being to a diverse and booming neighborhood.”

The really cool thing about F45 is that it’s designed to get you in and out with a complete workout in 45 minutes. This will make it more convenient than ever to workout on your lunchbreak, or before or after work.

The 2,728 square foot studio will be located at 1953 Gallows Road. It will feature high intensity group workouts that are designed to get members rapid results without spending hours upon hours at the gym every day.

Follow their Facebook page to keep up with  more, including their opening date.

Get your Pilates on at Club Pilates

After much anticipation, Club Pilates is finally open! The club is located near the Spring Hill Metro station, at 1521 Boyd Pointe Way (in the Adaire apartment building). The club had a two-month soft opening, with their grand opening taking place earlier in January. If you missed out on free classes and giveaways during their grand opening, don’t worry. The PIlates fun is just getting started! You can still try it out for free with a free class pass for your first session.

Class levels range from beginner (perfect for people who have only heard the word “pilates” and have no idea what it means) all the way to master (for people who are, well, masters of pilates and have the instructor validation to prove it).

If you’re new to Pilates, here’s what you need to know. The workout is full-body and low impact. It’s designed to help you build balance, strength, flexibility and mobility. It isn’t cardio-intensive, like HIIT workouts or Crossfit. Instead, it focuses a lot on building your mental and physical strength. Club Pilates in Tysons is unique from other Pilates studios because it uses specialized equipment (like springboards) that aren’t typically offered or utilized in studio or gym Pilates classes.

If you get hooked after your free trial class, you can sign up for a membership package. Packages range from just one workout a week to an annual membership that gives you unlimited access.

Make sure to like their Facebook page to keep up with events, membership news, and specials. Parking is free, but it can be hard to find so try to leave yourself time to park and get to class without rushing.

If you’re looking for a more traditional gym, or just one that’s been around for longer than just a few months, make sure to check out some of our favorite gyms in Tysons. Don’t see your favorite listed? Let us know what your favorite place to break a sweat in Tysons is!

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